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We have feed!

Last year was rough. We had to, like many others around the country, buy lots and lots of hay. We didnt have a stockpile because the year before was in a drought also but this year we had beautiful rain! Thank you, Lord! We had a field of Oats from last spring that hadnt established very well but turned into a pasture of sorts and we planted a cover crop of haygrazer with strips of a covercrop blend of haygrazer, teff grass, radish, foxtail millet, clover, cowpeas, and a couple others that Im forgetting. We do this to build the soil, add organic matter to the soil add nitrogen to the soil and create a healthy environment for soil microbes as well as the ecosystem of plants, earthworms, bugs birds and cows... and it rained! And now we have Feed!

So the cows are fat and happy - the babies are hiding in the stalks of haygrazer and yes it makes calf checking and counting a little harder but Im so thankful!

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