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Catching fish in a barrel

Sometimes my life feels like catching fish in a barrel. All of the pieces of my life, Kids, Church, Home, real estate, cows and 100 other entrepreneurial pursuits are all in my life. They are in my barrel, it should be easy. The different fish are swimming different ways and they dont even look alike they sure dont swim in groups and each has their own needs and requirements from me.

It should be pretty easy to catch any one of them because they are in a barrel, after all, but they arent easy to catch. All I can do is let them swim. Feed them and let them grow and be what they are supposed to be.

This makes some people nervous - usually the people who are worried that you might have too many fish in the barrel. But to me they are all beautiful. So I feed them, nurture them and hope that as they get bigger they become a little easier to get my hands on.

On a more practical note - putting fish in your stock tank does help the eat the bug larvae, eats algae and keeps the water clearer.

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