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Update on the farm

So it has been a pretty busy month.

We didn't get the rain we needed in October to grow the wheat grass (Our main source of winter feed for the cattle) so we have had to buy hay - yuck..... Hopefully we have a mild winter and the wheat continues to grow and in about a month we can put the cattle back out on it and quit buying hay.

But besides the expense we could look at it as we are bringing in hay which feeds cows which then poop in the field so this is just an exercise in soil building.... We try and spread out where we put the bales so we can improve spots in the field which needed some more nutrients and overall the cattle are happy.

The mamas are having their babies and so far we have only had to pull 2 and only lost one calf. Mama was a heifer and the calf was big and was stuck and stillborn. Only one more heifer left to calve and we can relax a bit.

Their dad was a registered hereford from Cornerstone Ranch in Ft. Sumner. Moms are registered Charolais or Angus and we have a handful of F1s as well. Plus 2 longhorns and my mom's longhorns and one jersey cow that will adopt anything so we keep her around...

So the point of this post is that life goes on. There might be seasons that are a loss and seasons where we profit but babies are still born, calves still grow, the sun always rises and night always comes.

There isnt any use worrying over what might happen. Just do your best every day and see the good in the situation. May God bless your 2020 year!

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